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You’ll Find All Kinds Of Different Types Of Content On My Site!


You’ll Find All Kinds Of Different Types Of Content On My Site!

Photo of the Las Vegas Strip.

Keeping It Fresh

On, I want to ensure that my content is consistently fresh and interesting for all visitors! My blog has seen MANY changes over the years! From concise, short-form posts to my most recent mission, LONG-FORM BLOGS. People consume info differently, so I am here to serve it up. Also, I strive not to get caught in a specific rut or pattern. I keep things RANDOM and EDUCATIONAL. A good example is this deep dive I took into Contemporary Style: Design Tips For Your New Modern Home. This blog was a MUCH different approach than my shorter market update, for example.

More About My Content – Part 1

I always strive to always keep my content fresh. My short blog posts are designed to quickly bring readers up-to-date on info such as new restaurants or the latest stats. I like to keep them punchy and to the point. However, I fully recognize that there are people out there trying to better understand simple things about Vegas such as schools, things to do, etc. While keeping it light and breezy will remain part of my short blogs, I’m also now writing much longer pieces of content. Quite simply, if I were looking for a property in another state, I would hope to find a similar website. A site that was THOUGHTFUL about what it put out there. A site that was in-depth when it shared Important Things To Know When Buying A Luxury Condo In Vegas.

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I Provide Fresh Content On

More About My Content – Part 2

When I write LONGER blogs, they are much less engaging. Maybe, that is a good thing? I know when I research for info, I like it to get to the point. And speaking of the point, I’m adding a nice mix of content. I hope this helps the different-minded people out there. Sometimes it might be left-brained stuff, sometimes right-brained content. I always said that I didn’t want a real estate website with some cut and paste blog. Here on, passion is put into every piece of content. It’s just the way I am. REAL.

I’m Here To Help You

Even though it may seem like it, I do NOT sit at the computer blogging all day. I am out in the market doing things. And learning the latest trends while I’m at it. My clients receive my utmost attention. The good thing is, that being out and about so much helps me gain the latest insights. That’s what inspires me to write. That’s ANOTHER reason why this is so hard to hire out. I hear something, I want to share it. Not wait for some dude overseas to write me a corny blog that takes 4 days. Anyways, enough ranting. I have to get to bed. To wake up and help CLIENTS. If you’d like to become one, I’d love to hear from you. Have a good day/evening.

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