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New Psychedelic Bagel Shop Opens In Downtown Summerlin


New Psychedelic Bagel Shop Opens In Downtown Summerlin

Yummy Times Indeed

Being a foodie myself, I was excited to hear that an exciting new bagel shop has opened in Downtown Summerlin! Bagel Nook creates designer bagels. They offer everything from a tie-dye bagel to an Oreo bagel (complete with Oreo cream cheese). In addition to the 20+ varieties of bagels they provide, they also serve paninis, delicious sandwiches, breakfast, and wraps. Add in all kinds of specialty cream cheeses and sprinkles and we have ourselves a winner.

This Is Why I Love Summerlin

As we all know, the Las Vegas housing market has slowed dramatically. But here is what HAS NOT changed – Vegas is a FUN place to live. From world-class culinary to entertainment galore, Summerlin is LOADED with some of the best Sin City has to offer. If you’d like to call Summerlin home, feel free to let me know!

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