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Dragon Rock Listings Comparison – August 2022 VS. Oct. 2022


Dragon Rock Listings Comparison – August 2022 VS. Oct. 2022

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Another Dragon Rock Inventory Comparison

Back in August 2022, we compared MacDonald Highlands’ Dragon Rock’s listing data from August 2022 with the month of April 2022. Today we do the same thing but this time we compare August to October. As I stated before and as we ALL know, the U.S. Housing Market has changed. Beginning in May 2022, inventory across the country skyrocketed. With decades of experience in the business, I enjoy knowing the latest inventory trends. This allows me to protect my clients in many ways. With that said, as of early October 2022, there were 9 Dragon Rock homes for sale. That is up from 6 in August. Below is more data!

As Of August 2022

  • There were 6 listings on the MLS
  • Listing prices ranged from $3,958,297 to $21,500,000
  • AVG days on market was 118.5
  • AVG list price was $12,425,529

As Of October 2022

  • There were 9 listings on the MLS
  • Prices ranged from to $4,735,279 to $21,500,000
  • AVG days on market was 117.4
  • AVG list price was $12,927,808

Would You Like More Data?

If you’re thinking of buying and/or selling real estate in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, I’d love to assist. As you can tell by my website’s blog activity, I’m fully involved in this market. Having been in this industry for such a long time, I truly don’t like to see home buyers and home sellers make bad decisions. Should you like my opinion on this market, more data, or anything else – feel free to reach out.

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