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Real Estate Stats For Las Vegas Valley – Week Of Oct. 17th, 2022


Real Estate Stats For Las Vegas Valley – Week Of Oct. 17th, 2022

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More Helpful Statistics

Last week, I provided all kinds of good data in regards to the overall Las Vegas Valley real estate market. While doing updates on these stats every week may be too much, I will try to share these numbers once a month or so. That way, anyone who likes data will be able to look back and see where the market was.

In a fast-changing market such as we’re in, it’s important for you to work with a Las Vegas real estate agent who not only has experience, but who stays in the loop with the market. With that said:

As Of The Week Of Oct. 17th 2022

There were 8,159 active residential listings in the Las Vegas Valley.

  • 8,088 were traditional – 99.2%
  • 44 were REOs – .61%
  • 27 were short sales – .22%

1,977 Residential Properties Under Contract

  • 1,954 were traditional – 99%
  • 7 were REOs – .30%
  • 16 were short sales – .73%

A Changing Market

Like I mentioned above, the Las Vegas and Henderson markets are swinging heavily in favor of buyers. Looking at this week’s stats compared to last, inventory again rose while “properties under contract” went down. Should you want a deeper loo into what’s happening in Sin City, feel free to reach out.

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