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The Great Las Vegas Real Estate Market Standoff Of 2022


The Great Las Vegas Real Estate Market Standoff Of 2022

Photo depicting a standoff.

Buyers VS. Sellers – The Story Of 2022

With the real estate market changing so much over the back half of 2022, many have speculated that this is 2008 all over again. And while I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict markets, what I can do is share some of the differences between today’s market versus that of 2007. One of the MAIN factors that separates the two is lending guidelines were strictly tightened after The Great Recession. What do this mean? That most homeowners are more than able to afford their mortgage payment and wait this market correction out.

Another big factor is, that in markets that were hot right after the pandemic experienced MASSIVE appreciation in a short amount of time. Even if the market correct 20-30%, many people will either have at least still enjoy SOME equity or at least be fairly even.

All of the above factors are causing what I like to call a real estate standoff. Now, does that mean that sellers aren’t having to bend? oh no, sellers are having to bend. One of my favorite ways to help my clients is to get the seller to buy down my clients rate. I’m also going after MAJOR concessions for my buyers.

If you’d like to evaluate if the Las Vegas real estate market is for you, I’m here to help. From luxury condos at One Queensridge Place and Turnberry Place to gated homes for sale in Carmel Cliff, using my decades of experience, I will negotiate on your behalf. Thank you for taking the time to check out my niche corner of the world wide web!


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