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Important Things To Know Before Buying A New Home Or Condo


Important Things To Know Before Buying A New Home Or Condo

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Did You Know This About Real Estate?

Buying a piece of real estate is an important decision. From buying a new condo in the Pinnacle Residences to a new home in Stonebridge, are there advantages to using your own Las Vegas Realtor? The answer is yes. In fact, absolutely yes. As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, Dual Agency is not illegal in Nevada. What is Dual Agency? Illegal in 8 states as of 2022, Dual Agency happens when both parties on opposite sides of a transaction are represented by the same real estate professional.

Basically, in a Dual Agency situation, both parties agree that neither will have their own representation. Can that work out to BOTH of their benefit? of course it can. But can it get messy? Oh yes. Yes it can. And pertaining to new real estate developments in Nevada, commissions are built into the purchase price. What this means is if you go direct, the on-site sales agent will still charge you the same price yet you will GIVE UP your right to have someone represent your interests and your interests alone.

Photo with the words Dual Agency

Do You Know The Risks Of Dual Agency When Buying Real Estate?

Other Things To Consider

Some of the reasons you may want to use your Las Vegas real estate agent include them being able to give you an unbiased opinion of the project, share competing projects with you, they can attend your closing, they can give you KEY updates throughout construction, they can advise you on what upgrades to do, and much, more.

Buying real estate is a BIG DEAL and involves making very important decisions. I hope everything that I pointed out above reaches those who may not be educated on the risks of Dual Agency and the advantages of avoiding it when buying real estate in Las Vegas. If you have any questions regarding Dual Agency or the latest projects around Las Vegas and Henderson, feel free to let me know.

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