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Latest Stats For The Las Vegas Valley Week Of November 1st


Latest Stats For The Las Vegas Valley Week Of November 1st

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Recently I’ve been posting the latest overall stats for the Las Vegas Valley’s real estate market on a weekly basis. I do this because as a broker/salesperson this data is essential. And while it’s a tad redundant to post so much data, I feel that having a nice history of statistics for visitors of my website to enjoy is a GOOD THING.

Not only do I do these stats for the overall market, I do it for individual communities, villages, and masterplans. This way, when someone is looking to buy a home in a community such as Mesa Ridge or Stonebridge in Summerlin, I arm them with the latest trends before they make a decision. Having gotten that out of the way, let’s dive in.

As Of This Week

  • 8,004 active residential listings (LVV)
    • 7,929 were traditional – 99.2%
    • 49 were REOs – .61%
    • 26 were short sales – .22%

    1,825 Residential Properties Under Contract

    • 1,802 were traditional – 99%
    • 6 were REOs – .30%
    • 17 were short sales – .73%

It Is Interesting To See

It is interesting to see the overall number of listings for the entire valley is down over 100 yet there’s 110 less properties under contract. A difference of 100 up or down (in either category) could be something like more people letting their properties expire, someone closing on multiple units, an agent taking a small community off the market, or many other things. Without digging deeper I couldn’t tell you but it will make next week’s weekly update more interesting!

I want to again thank everyone who has been stopping by my website. I’m simply a real estate professional with 30+ years experience who can’t get enough of what I do. If you you’re wanting to learn more about whether or not the Las Vegas and/or Henderson real estate markets are for you, I can help you decide. When you’re ready, you’re invited to reach out to me via my contact form or directly at 702.592.9841.

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