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Panorama Towers Residential Condos – Luxe Vegas Tidbits


Panorama Towers Residential Condos – Luxe Vegas Tidbits

panorama towers residential condos

Panorama Towers, One Of The Originals

Panorama Towers stands as one of Las Vegas’ first residential high-rise condo projects. While Regency Towers (1974) and Turnberry Place (2001) were built earlier, Panorama Towers was the first condo project that offered close-up views of the prime Strip.

panorama towers luxury condos las vegas

Panorama Towers Throwback Rendering

Back In The High-Rise Boom Of The Early 2000s…

It wasn’t always guaranteed that luxury condo projects would get finished. As a luxury Realtor in Las Vegas, I attended new condo development launch parties monthly. Many projects didn’t break ground. The were several factors to the madness, some being the developers’ faults, some not.

las vegas panorama towers luxury condos

The Martin & Panorama Towers 1-2

The 5 Stages Of Vegas

Since we’re going to do a dedicated blog listing the five main stages of Vegas construction and population booms, we won’t go over them now.

What we WILL say is that Vegas is an ever-changing beast. And this is no different for those who own residential condos in Panorama Towers.

Stay tuned!

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