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What Is It Like To Live In Las Vegas? Things You Should Know


What Is It Like To Live In Las Vegas? Things You Should Know

A Helpful Guide To Help You Decide If Vegas Is For You

From the bright lights of The Strip to the expansive golf courses, Sin City has something for everyone. But what is it really like to live in Las Vegas? Let’s find out!


Las Vegas

The City Of Las Vegas Offers A Fantastic Lifestyle Quite Unlike Anywhere Where Else

Las Vegas boasts a diverse range of lifestyles, from suburban to urban. It’s home to some of the most luxurious master-planned communities in the country, such as Summerlin and Lake Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also home to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the U.S., making it an ideal place for those who want a vibrant social life.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a typical desert climate with hot summers, cool winters, and little rainfall. Temperatures can reach as high as 113°F in the summer months, and temperatures in the winter tend to stay in the 50s. Fortunately, Las Vegas offers plenty of ways to keep cool, with over 100 public swimming pools. Many people suffering from allergies and arthritis find relief in the desert climate. It does get chilly. This is the desert, after all. Also, Las Vegas features an exciting monsoon season.

Cost Of Living

Live In Las Vegas

The Cost Of Living In Las Vegas Is Lower Than Many Major Cities

The cost of living in Las Vegas is lower than that of many other major cities. Rent prices are relatively low, while groceries and other necessities are affordable. This makes it an ideal location for those looking to stretch their budget further without sacrificing quality. Additionally, several job opportunities are available in and around the city, making it easy for newcomers to find employment.

Real Estate

Veer Towers

Master-Planned Communities Such As Summerlin And High-Rise Condos Such As Veer Towers (Seen Here) Make Living In Las Vegas A Unique Experience

The most well-known master-planned communities in the Las Vegas valley include Mountains Edge, Summerlin, Green Valley, Southern Highlands, and MacDonald Highlands. These communities offer access to world-class golf courses, amenities like community pools and parks, trails, and more. Several high-rise condo developments include Sky, Veer Towers, Turnberry Place, One Queensridge Place, and Waldorf Astoria.

Taxes & Economy

Live In Las Vegas

There Are No State Income Taxes In Nevada

The taxes in Nevada are relatively low compared to other states across America. Regarding state income taxes, Nevada is one of the few states with no state income tax. Las Vegas is home to a vibrant and diverse economy, and many of the world’s leading corporations have offices or headquarters in the city. MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Caesars Entertainment and Boyd Gaming are just a few of the major companies that call Las Vegas home.


Live In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Features Several Hospital & Quick Clinics

Regarding healthcare, several excellent hospitals in town and numerous urgent care clinics exist. A few of the hospitals include Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital, Summerlin Hospital, and Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center.

Activities & Entertainment

Fremont Street Experience.

The Fremont Experience In Downtown Las Vegas Offers A Vibrant Scene Only To Be Fond In Sin City

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Las Vegas has something for everyone, from the iconic Strip and its many casinos and nightclubs to the entertainment shows. Of course, there’s also the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon, and Mt. Charleston for those who want to explore the great outdoors. On The Strip you can find some of the world’s most famous of celebrities taking up residency, bringing their music to the city. And when it comes to shows, what a place this is to be! From Cirque du Soleil to magicians, comedians and more, Las Vegas truly is the entertainment capital of the world.


Live In Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ Education Scene Includes UNLV, The Clark Country School District, Private Schools, & Tech Schools

Las Vegas is home to UNLV. In regards to public education, the Clark County School District is the largest school district in the state. There are several private schools including Bishop Gorman High School and the Adelson Educational Campus. Las Vegas also offers a variety of trade and technical schools.


Live In Las Vegas

While The Strip Is Quite Congested, The Rest Of The Valley Operates Fairly Smoothly

Las Vegas has a well-developed transportation system that includes buses, taxis, ride-share services, and rental cars. The city also has a monorail system that runs along The Strip. The monorail makes it easy for tourists and locals alike to get around. For those who prefer to drive, Las Vegas has a network of highways and interstates connecting the city to other major destinations, such as Los Angeles and Phoenix. Additionally, Harry Reid International Airport provides easy access to the town for those coming from further away.

Legal Marijuana

Live In Las Vegas

Both Recreational & Medical Marijuana Are Legal In Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2016, Nevada legalized recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and over. Since then, the industry has exploded, with dispensaries all over the city. Visitors and locals can now legally purchase and consume marijuana products in Las Vegas, including edibles, flowers, and concentrates. For many with health conditions wondering what it is like to live in Las Vegas, this is a big deal.

Pro Sports

Raider Allegiant Stadium

The Las Vegas Raiders & Golden Knights Are On Their Way To Winning Big In Vegas

Las Vegas has recently become a hub for professional sports, with the NHL’s Golden Knights and the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders calling the city home. The Golden Knights made history by becoming the first expansion team to reach the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. Meanwhile, the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in 2020 and played their first season at Allegiant Stadium. Go Silver & Black!

Outdoor Recreation

Live In Las Vegas

Areas Such As The Red Rock National Conservation Area Make The Valley A Wonderful Place For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor recreation isn’t just limited to golf courses — there are plenty of hiking trails and mountain biking paths perfect for those who love exploring nature. The weather is almost always sunny so that you can enjoy outdoor activities year-round! Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon are nearby and offer great swimming, fishing, and boating opportunities.

Outdoor recreation activities include:

1. Hiking: Las Vegas is home to several trails that offer breathtaking views of the desert. Those looking for a challenging hike can tackle the Calico Tanks Trail or the Mary Jane Falls trail.

2. Mountain Biking: Red Rock Canyon and Bootleg Canyon are two top mountain biking spots, featuring trails for riders of all skill levels.

3. Swimming: Pool parties, Lake Mead, infinity-edge swimming pools in master-planned communities. Summer gets residents and tourists into the water!

4. Golf: Las Vegas has over 50 golf courses, many featuring stunning views. Popular courses include TPC Summerlin, Angel Park, Bali Hai Golf Club, and Reflection Bay.

5. Camping: From desert camping to mountain views, there are plenty of places in and around Las Vegas where you can camp.

Las Vegas FAQs

Live In Las Vegas

How Is This? Where Is That? Find The Answers Below!

Q: How hot does it get in Las Vegas?

A: The summer months can get very hot, with temperatures reaching up to 113°F. However, the winter months tend to stay in the 50s and 60s, making it an excellent destination for those looking to escape cold weather.

Q: What is there to do in Las Vegas?

A: From casinos and nightclubs to hiking trails and mountain biking paths, there are plenty of activities for everyone. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors or live it up on The Strip, Las Vegas has something for everyone.

Q: What is it like to live in a city open 24/7?

A: Living in a city that is open 24/7 is exciting. There are so many things to do at any time of the day or night, and the energy never stops. Locals often city convenient to go out for steak dinner at any time of the day/night.

Q: How about the locals?

A: Las Vegans are generally friendly and welcoming. The city is also home to many diverse cultures, so finding others from similar backgrounds is easy. The local culture is also pretty laid back, so you’ll often find people enjoying a good time and living life to the fullest!

Las Vegas Strip.

What Is It Like To Live In Las Vegas? Hopefully You Now Have A Better Understand

Conclusion: What Is It Like To Live In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas may have a reputation for being “sinful”, but it also has much more going on than meets the eye! With its diverse lifestyle options, low taxes, thriving job market, excellent healthcare system, and ample outdoor recreation opportunities – you’d be hard-pressed not to find something that appeals here!

Whether you’re looking for a place with excellent job prospects or somewhere with great year-round weather, Las Vegas is worth checking out! So should you move here? Only you can answer that question – but we think this city deserves its fair share of consideration! Hopefully this guide helped you learn more about what it is like to live in the wonderful and fun city of Las Vegas.

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