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My Take On The High-Speed Train Connecting So Cal To LV


My Take On The High-Speed Train Connecting So Cal To LV

Las Vegas high-speed train to California (not actual rendering)

High-Speed Rail To Break Ground In 2023

Hey there! I’m Lynn Stringer, a luxury real estate broker in Las Vegas. It has been about since forever that they’ve been talking about “Cali to Vegas” bullet trains. It has been so much that I don’t ever talk or blog about it. Many project have come and gone. However, it seems we’re ON TRACK. Here is why. Brightline West recently shared some exciting news – they’re gearing up to start work on the very first high-speed rail project in the United States! This all-electric train will connect Apple Valley, east of Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, making the 218-mile trip in just 85 minutes (that’s up to 200 mph). Lastly, the train is expected to be ready to ride by 2027.

If this actually  happens, it would be a game-change for Vegas. Below are some of the main reasons I say that.

Why This Train Matters

This high-speed rail project is a significant development for Las Vegas. And this includes the luxury real estate market. With faster travel between LA and Vegas, we can expect more potential property buyers from Southern California. I see this as being good news for guard-gated communities such as Ascaya, The Ridges, and The Summit. I name these three communities in particular because they are very high-end. And California buyers love them. In fact, several celebrities and global figures live in the communities of Ascaya, The Ridges, and The Summit.

Tying Sin City Into Los Angeles

One of the most exciting aspects of the Brightline West high-speed rail project is its commitment to tying the Apple Valley station in LA. As Apple Valley might not be the most convenient location for some travelers, Brightline is building an extension of the line to a Metrolink station in Rancho Cucamonga. Nice. This thoughtful addition ensures that passengers can effortlessly access the more extensive transportation network in Southern California.

Imagine hopping off the high-speed train in Rancho Cucamonga and getting directly onto a Metrolink train! This could take you anywhere within the SoCal area. This enhanced connectivity will make travel between Las Vegas and Southern California even more convenient, further boosting the luxury real estate market and creating new opportunities for growth.

Las Vegas high-speed train to California (not actual rendering)

This Is Not The Actual Rendering Of The Train

Advantages Of The High-Speed Rail

  • Faster and more convenient travel between LA and Las Vegas
  • Increased number of visitors to Las Vegas
  • Better potential for luxury real estate transactions
  • Boost to the local economy through job creation and tourism

Connecting LA & LV Raiders Fans

As a Raiders fan, I see the potential for this high-speed rail project to bring even more fans to the games. This is good for Allegiant Stadium. Why? Because many tourists plan their visits on big game days. The Raiders could use a boost in paying FANS. LA’s market will help make The Black Hole that much more exciting. Or concerning, depending on who your homes team is. #JustWinBaby #AlDavis

Final “Fast” Thoughts

As someone passionate about luxury real estate in Las Vegas, I’m thrilled about Brightline West’s high-speed rail project.

  • It make travel between LA and Las Vegas faster and more convenient
  • The vibrant city of Las Vegas would be put further on the map
  • It has the potential to boost the local economy, increase property values

If you’re considering moving to Vegas, the train is good news for you. And as always, I’m here to help you find the ideal property that matches your dreams and desires. Thank you for coming by LUXE BLOG to read the latest news about the high-speed train to Vegas. Hopefully it fully breaks ground this year. That would be off the rails.

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