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Dragon Rock Inventory Update Compared To February 2023


Dragon Rock Inventory Update Compared To February 2023


Dragon Rock Inventory Update

Hello. Lynn Stringer here, welcoming you back to LUXE BLOG. Today I’m looking into Dragon Rock’s current market. An exciting update awaits us as we compare the available inventory with my previous assessments in February 2023 and November 2022.

A Look Back

In November 2022 and February 2023, each update revealed seven properties on the market. It was fascinating to observe how Dragon Rock‘s property landscape developed over time. Here’s a quick snapshot of what I saw:

November 2022 Dragon Rock Inventory:

  • Prices: $5,135,396 – $25,000,000
  • Square footage: 5,970 – 14,005 sq. ft.
  • Price per square foot: $1,657.71 (average)
  • Average days on market: 219

February 2023 Dragon Rock Inventory:

  • Total homes for sale: 7
  • Prices: $5,550,005 – $21,500,000
  • Price per square foot: $765 – $1,681.92
  • Average days on market: 138

One MLS Listing As Of June 3rd, 2023

Now let’s take a glimpse into the current inventory. As of today, June 3rd, 2023, Dragon Rock has a single property for sale on the MLS. The developer’s website says a couple more will be available in fall.

The MLS Listing:

  • Price: $4,490,000
  • Square footage: 7,690 sq. ft.
  • Price per square foot: $584
  • Days on the market: 145
  • Lot size: 43,996 sq. ft. (Just over an acre)
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 7

The property, still under construction, is slated for completion in the 4th quarter of 2023.

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About Dragon Rock

Dragon Rock is a double-gated haven designed by the celebrated Blue Heron developers. Tucked neatly behind the well-established McDonald Highlands gate, it offers an additional layer of security with its own gate.

Dragon Rock, a name inspired by its adjoining landmark, “The Sleeping Dragon” rock formation, shares its space with the esteemed DragonRidge Country Club. The community has a compact layout of 50 unique lots.

Key Features:

  • Unique lot designs
  • Ranging from half to 2 acres
  • Various scenic vantage points
  • Double-gated community
  • Adjacent to DragonRidge Club

Each plot within Dragon Rock is distinctly different in shape, size, and viewing angle. Some are beautifully embedded into the mountain while others capture the openness of a hillside view. The lots average around half an acre in size, though some spread across more than 2 acres.

Dragon Rock stands as an epitome of planned luxury within the MacDonald Highlands, providing a guard-gated enclave that captures a sense of tranquility and privacy. With its unique location next to the Sleeping Dragon rock formation and the DragonRidge Country Club, Dragon Rock promises a serene yet vibrant community for its residents.

About Blue Heron

In the sprawling vistas of Las Vegas, Blue Heron, a distinctive builder of luxury homes, has made a mark. Emphasizing the fusion of elegance and comfort, their remarkable properties harmonize with the diverse topography of the city. The homes, primarily part of Blue Heron’s BH Nexus division, are the epitome of modern architecture, situated in some of the most prestigious master-planned communities around the region. Here are some unique aspects of Blue Heron:

  • Their range of luxury homes usually starts from an upscale $1-2 million mark and extends into the deca millions
  • The BH Nexus division has made its presence felt in distinguished communities. Their real estate gems adorn locations such as Vantage, Shoreline and Caliza in Lake Las Vegas, Dragon Rock in the MacDonald Highlands, Obsidian in the Henderson Foothills, and The Bluffs in Southern Highlands.
  • Blue Heron also takes pride in its BH Elite division alongside the Nexus division. Here, they bring the dreams of custom-built homes to life.
  • Clients with unique tastes can opt for a completely bespoke home or adjust one of the company’s swift delivery floor plans to their lifestyle preferences.

By seamlessly blending luxury and personalization, Blue Heron continues to redefine the real estate landscape in Las Vegas. Each of their properties delivers not only a home – but a personalized sanctuary.

Wrapping Up

Just because there is only one listing I can find on the MLS, according to the developer’s website, there are a re couple more units soon on the way. Real estate is constantly moving, with eager buyers buying up resales. Stay up top date and browse Dragon Rock listings for sale here. And remember to drop by LUXE BLOG for regular updates and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries. Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!

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